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3 simple steps to complete fuel system protection

At B3C Fuel Solutions we offer “The Total Fuel Solution”. That is why we are the only company that provides a full range of products that allow you to TEST, FIX, & PREVENT fuel related issues.


Test gasoline and diesel fuel to determine if it is fresh, marginal (decaying) or bad. Knowing your fuel quality is the first step.


Our products help fix fuel related issues in today’s modern gasoline, diesel, and bio-diesel fuels.


Stop costly repairs by preventing fuel related problems in gasoline and diesel fuel.

Results by the numbers

Before adding Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle to our fuel supply on December 7th, 2010, we would have to pull our 09’ C8500 dump truck over and perform a 15 minute exhaust regeneration (burn cycle) multiple times a day to clean the exhaust particulate filter. This would waste over 7 hours a month and countless gallons of fuel.

We now add Diesel MIB at every fill up and only perform one exhaust regeneration cycle per month! We rarely find any other product for our fleet that does exactly what the label says! The time savings, as well as the repair costs to the particulate filters are saving us thousands just on this vehicle.

Our whole fleet of trucks is now running Diesel MIB and we are seeing on average, a 1 MPG increase in fuel economy throughout our fleet. With the recent spike in oil prices we will save thousands of dollars this year in fuel.

Thank you B3C Fuel Solutions for this terrific product!

Charles Gore Hauling & Special Services Supervisor
Horry County Public Works


Fuel System Protection Matters

Modern fuels contain ethanol and bio-diesel which attract water and cause serious issues that effect your fuel system

Did you know...

Ethanol attracts water
When ethanol and water mix in your fuel tank it causes a phase separation. This corrosive mixture settles to the bottom of the fuel tank damaging the inside of the engine.
Ethanol causes fuel decay
Gasoline is organic, and decays just like any other organic material. In as little as 60 days gasoline will decay past the point of usefulness unless treated with a stabilizer.
Ethanol damages engines and their components
Ethanol blended gasoline can damage rubber and plastic seals in engines, as well as corroding metal parts inside the engine.
damage piston due to ethanol in fuel
Diesel builds up algae and sludge
When water mixes with diesel it promotes the growth of algae and sludge inside the tank. This mixture moves through the engine causing clogged fuel filters & injectors while lowering fuel efficiency.
Diesel can contain up to 5% bio-diesel without disclosure
Bio-diesel attracts more water than traditional diesel fuel. This can lead to more water, algae and sludge build-up.
One drop of water can completely destroy a fuel injector
When water mixes with diesel fuel it settles to the bottom of the tank instead of mixing. If this water gets drawn into the fuel system it can have catastrophic effects.
damage piston due to ethanol in fuel

What Others have to say

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers think.

“Sysco can not thank you enough for developing solutions to today’s diesel fuel problems that keep our trucks on the road and not in the shop.”

Wayne DeMark Fleet Supervisor, Sysco, Raleigh, NC

“I brought my Stihl leaf blower in to a dealer because it would not run. The dealer said it would cost $150 to replace the carburetor. Another employee suggested to use Mechanic In A Bottle to fix the issue. I bought a bottle of Mechanic In A Bottle and mixed it as directed. I let it set over night pulled it one time and it fired right up. Thank you B3C for making such a wonderful product that truly works!”

Robert Homeowner

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