And the Word is Slowly Spreading

I think that there is a much larger awareness of gasoline issues however, the number of people that are aware of the harmful effects of ethanol are still low. Fortunately, the word is getting out there, but it is slow. An article in the Sun Journal, Business section (a Maine newspaper), talks about how gasoline will go bad after a short time and even has an expert talk about what just plain old air can do to the gas.

I wish that every news outlet would do a story on today’s gasoline. It would help so many people get a better understanding that gasoline today is not the same as 20 years ago. The main culprit is ethanol. Yes, ethanol has been around for many years, however, it was only used in certain areas and only during certain times of the year. Therefore the issues were few and far apart.

Do not get me wrong, ethanol is great for the economy; it reduces our dependency on foreign oil, helps clean the air, and it is a renewable resource. But it does have an evil side as well. Unfortunately, the people that produce ethanol will tell you that it is no more harmful than a flock of butterflies. It is a proven fact that ethanol will absorb moisture right from the air. It is when the ethanol absorbs the water that it becomes an issue.

The above mentioned newspaper article is probably the best one I have read so far. I like the fact that it gets into detail about how gas degrades. It talks about how the hydrocarbons evaporate from the gas making the gas harder to ignite. It then goes on to talk about oxidation; the oxygen that we breathe will actually react with the gas and cause issues like gum formation. Heat and sunlight will also react with the air and gas causing photo oxidation and thermal oxidation.

The last contaminate and probably the worst of them all is water. Ethanol will absorb moisture right from the air. This is why it is important to keep the gas can and gas tank 95% full at all times. By keeping them full, there is only so much air allowed in the can tank. Unfortunately, in most cases this does not happen. On older equipment, the gas tank is vented to the air and as the gas ages, the gas evaporates. As gas evaporates out, air is let in and the cycle gets worse. And let’s not forget about condensation. Water is introduced through condensation on the sides of the tank.

Fortunately, B3C Fuel Solutions has products that will prevent all of this from happening. Mechanic In A Bottle will work on cleaning the fuel system and also restoring gas that has started to decay (marginal gas). However, if the gas is truly bad, it will need to be disposed of properly. Then there is Ethanol Shield that will keep the gas fresh and the ethanol issues away. In addition, these products will also keep the plastic and rubber parts working like new.

We also have our award winning Gasoline Tank Shield that not only will absorb water, but it will also remove the chemicals in the gas that cause it to decay. In essence, the fuel will remain fresh until it is used. Plus, the Gasoline Tank Shield can be reused 10 times or keep it in the gas for 1 year. For more information on these products please refer to our website,

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