B3C Fuel & Oil Solutions Revolutionizes the World of Lubricants with the GREENEST, LOWEST CARBON FOOTPRINT, BIODEGRADABLE, PLANT-BASED, SUSTAINABLE lubricants in the world.

New family of lubricants are healthier, safer, and better performing than petroleum-based and include a revolutionary Bar & Chain Lubricant CONCENTRATE leading to savings in Space, Weight, Fuel & Shipping

Conway, S.C., October 2023 – B3C is making history by introducing the next generation of lubrication chemistry, engineering, and packaging to meet the unique demands faced by end-users in the DIY, landscaping, construction, forestry, and other industries. 

B3C’s plant-based lubricants are non-toxic, non-hazardous, low odor, and have no environmental impact. They are healthier, safer, and outperform petroleum-based lubricants without the premium pricing one might expect. 

B3C is launching an extensive line of new lubricant products while continuously pursuing new opportunities:

  • Better Than Oil Bar & Chain Lubricant is ultra-low friction with advanced tackifiers, anti-wear additives, and rust and corrosion inhibitors for all chainsaws. And it is non-staining with easy water clean-up.
  • Better Than Oil Bar & Chain Lubricant CONCENTRATE in a fillable mix container provides amazing advantages in SIZE, SPACE, & WEIGHT and savings in SHIPPING & FUEL COSTS. Just ADD WATER to use.
  • Mechanic In A Bottle All Purpose Penetrating Lubricant (drip gel or spray) with Friction Fix uses unique surface bonding technology combined with a uniquely engineered VAPOR CORROSION INHIBITOR that emits a vapor in enclosed areas (like a toolbox) for ongoing rust and corrosion protection. 
  • Mechanic In A Bottle Pressure Washer Pump Saver provides superior lubrication and protection from corrosion, mineral deposits, and freezing. A unique flexible pour hose allows compatibility with ALL pressure washer brands.
  • Better Than Oil Air Tool Lubricant is a ground-breaking, new, environmentally friendly, 100% oil free, water soluble air tool lubricant that OUTPERFORMS competitive products.

More Information & Where to Find

Visit or call 843.347.0482 to learn more about our new family of lubricant products as well as our complete line of GAS, DIESEL, and OIL solutions to FIX, MAINTAIN, PROTECT, and PREVENT PROBLEMS with all your engines and equipment.

Visit B3C at Upcoming Shows

  • International Workboat Show: Booth 1465, Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, 2023 
  • World of Concrete: North Hall, Booth N3078, Jan. 23 – 25, 2024

About B3C

B3C is a world leading manufacturer of a complete line of additives and patented fluid-drying desiccants for gasoline, diesel, oils, and new Bio-based and Biodegradable lubricants for everyday use. Since 2009, B3C’s worldwide brands like Mechanic In A Bottle, Ethanol Shield, Fuel Life, Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle, and more have led the industry to keep equipment and machinery operating efficiently and running and lasting longer. B3C products help Do-It-Yourself (DIY), professional, and industrial users save time and money through optimal operating performance and by avoiding repairs, downtime, and unnecessary costs.


Greg Allen

Vice President

B3C Fuel Solutions