B3C Fuel Solutions, Maker of Mechanic In A Bottle and Ethanol Shield Launch Customer Initiatives via Enhanced Branding, Messaging, Website & More

B3C Fuel Solutions springs into action (just in time for Spring season) to improve its customer experience with its brands, including the popular Mechanic In A Bottle and Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabilizer.

Across-the-board enhancements improve the message, education and understanding of how B3C’s products help keep equipment and machinery running and lasting longer by fixing and preventing issues caused by water and contamination.

Broad enhancements were made to customer-facing elements including:

  • Overall brand identity redesign, including labels / packaging, Point-of-Sale, collateral, website and more
  • Better brand alignment across product families
  • Improved messaging that cuts through clutter to educate and inform consumers
  • Easy to understand “where-to-use” icons
  • Easy phone scan QR codes that take customers to new, professional “how-to-use” instructional videos on the website
  • Updated website with improved flow and messaging to help customers solve equipment and machinery issues due to gasoline, diesel, and oil
  • Nationally televised commercials to help customers quickly understand key products

The enhancements are already becoming available in the Lawn & Garden sections of most major retailers like The Home Depot, Walmart, Tractor Supply, Ace, True Value, Menards, and Lawn & Garden dealers nationwide. Television commercials have recenty started running nationwide as well.

“These updates will help our customers better understand operating issues they have with their equipment and machinery due to fuel and oil related problems, and how our products can help fix or prevent these issues. This not only saves them time and money, but is good for the environment by helping reduce waste fuel, oil, and equipment,” stated Brian Boezi, CEO.

About B3C

B3C Fuel Solutions LLC (B3C), based in Conway, South Carolina, is a world leading manufacturer of a complete line of additives and patented fluid-drying desiccants for gasoline, diesel and oils.

Since 2009, B3C’s worldwide brands like Mechanic In A Bottle, Ethanol Shield, Fuel Life, and Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle have led the industry to keep equipment and machinery running and lasting longer by fixing and preventing issues caused by water and contamination. B3C products help Do-It-Yourself (DIY), professional, and industrial users save time and money by avoiding repairs, downtime, and unnecessary costs.

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