Hurricane Safety Checklists

The most important thing you can do for hurricane season is to get yourself, your family and your home prepared.

By starting early, you’ll avoid the rush at home supply stores, grocery stores and other venues typically crowded and often chaotic when hurricane watches and warnings are issued.

You should stock six basics for your home: water, food, first aid supplies, clothing and bedding, tools and emergency supplies, and special items. Keep the items you would most likely need during an evacuation in an easy-to carry container—suggested items are marked with an asterisk (*). Possible containers include a large, covered trash container, a camping backpack, or a duffle bag.

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Hurricane Preparation Tips

Tropical storm Gordon is knocking on the Gulf coast state’s door and then it looks like it will head up through the Midwest. The rain may be needed, but no one needs the potential devastation that follows a major storm. We at B3C Fuel Solutions hope that everyone remains safe during the storm and during […]

How to Use a Generator

In past blogs, I have spoken about how to store equipment properly but with Sandy and winter fast approaching, the need to use a generator has increased. This is going to be a short blog (but I think very important) about how to use a portable generator safely. Below is a list of do’s and […]

Give the Lawn Mower A Good Once Over Before Each Use

Whether you have a riding mower, walk behind push mower, or a self-propelled mower, giving it a good once over before each use is only good sense. By checking the unit over, an issue may be found. If an issue is caught early, the repair is often cheaper and easier. The check is also a […]

Winter Storage Tips

Halloween just passed, we set our clocks back an hour, the temperature is dropping; all of this means it is fall and winter is just around the corner. It also means it is that time of year again to think about winterizing your summer equipment. Good storage practices mean that the equipment will start for […]

Get Ready For Spring

The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer. This must mean that spring is almost here. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting the lawn and garden equipment ready for the first use of the season.

B3C Fuel Solutions Awarded Two Patents for New FUEL LIFE Technology

B3C Fuel Solutions, LLC, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly products and solutions for ethanol and bio-fuel related problems, is proud to announce receipt of two patents for its new FUEL LIFE technology. B3C was awarded patents for fuel preservation technology (Patent no. 9,149,788) and fuel drying technology (Patent no. 8,828,104).

EGSA Press Release

Brian Boezi, President and CEO of B3C Fuel Solutions, LLC, was selected as a key panel member on the Diesel Fuel Maintenance Panel at the EGSA Fall Conference 2015. Moderated by Kurt Summers (Load Banks of America), the panel allowed EGSA members to hear from industry peers and knowledge experts about diesel fuel problems and […]

There is a New Guy on the Block

It looks like they have finally found a new source of plant life to make ethanol out of: Algae. I have read lots of reports over the years and scientists have been trying to find alternatives to corn. If it grows, it has been tested. There are many plants out there that can be made […]

And the Word is Slowly Spreading

I think that there is a much larger awareness of gasoline issues however, the number of people that are aware of the harmful effects of ethanol are still low. Fortunately, the word is getting out there, but it is slow. An article in the Sun Journal, Business section (a Maine newspaper), talks about how gasoline […]