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“B3C Fuel solutions has several products on the market specifically made to help remedy the issues associated with ethanol supplemented fuels both gas and diesel. They have been producing these products since the 90’s and they can be found wherever gas powered equipment is sold. Based upon B3C’s track record and longevity I believe their claims with the Fuel life stabilizer as there is no way I can prove that it works or not. Most gas available for purchase is e-10 or 10% ethanol. If that’s not bad enough there is a lot of rumblings about the U.S. going to e-15 or 15% which would be just a huge blow to all small engines. There is a reason why Airports and Marinas do not have ethanol supplemented fuels. So, having something to keep the ethanol fuel stable for the homeowner is mandatory and the B3C fuel stabilizing device is perfect for it. This is not a liquid it is an oversized desiccant pack (7” long by 1” round) filled with something that absorbs the water before the ethanol can. This way the gas will not phase or separate and the whole decay process is drastically reduced. OEM states the pack is good in a 5 gal. container for up to 2 years or to have the same 5 gal. container filled and emptied up to 5 times. The “pack” has a loop in one end and a fuel resistant lanyard and tag is provide so you can pull the pack back out of the can or system once its working life expectancy is completed. The tag also lets people know there is one in there and you can write the date on the back. I like this idea better than the liquids, it has a good price point and I think this product will help prevent some of my small engine frustrations. Recommended.”

“This product is amazing. I have used most of the gasoline additives available. Now I just buy MIB by the gallon. I have been in the construction industry for over 40 years in Michigan where most equipment has a storage period. I have resurrected engines that hadn’t run in years. Since I started using it I don’t have fuel related problems. Chainsaw to large seldom used compressor and everything in between always start and run. ”

“First time I ever bought ANYTHING that the expectations exceeded that. To give you an idea, on a scale of one to five, I give this product a six. FACT: I received a Ryobi model RY28141 weed trimmer that has been sitting around for a couple of years. The gas inside it was old, but some how it started but not for long, It really was a problem trying to keep this thing running. I bent the rules a little. I took a capful of “mechanic in a bottle’ put it in the gas , shook it up , primed the carborator and pulled the handle. After a couple of pulls it finally started, rough at first, but like it said, let it run for about 15 minutes, and I did. You could actually here this thing cleaning itself up.Right now it is like a brand new weed/ grass trimmer. I use this about twice a week. I like it so much , I purchased a new head for this ( $26 and change)”

“Put this product in my Honda Mower as well as my Stihl chainsaw what an amazing difference. Starts first crank consistently now and that was not the case before. save yourself on tune ups and frustration add this to your fuel and start mowing. “

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I received information about Ethanol Shield from Yamada Nursery. I used it in my lawn mower and then put it in my car and got very good results. I now recommend your product to all of car collector friends.

~ John W.

I've used Ethanol Shield for several years in my: 1940 car that I rarely start, blue bird day only '72 Honda 500 motorcycle, spring/fall power washer, fall only leaf blower, and when need be chain saw.

...and they all start every time!

- Mike G.

Used this product for almost a year, no issues whatsoever. Believe it’s does what it says it’s supposed to do.

- Shawn Walker

You'll hear when this stuff hits your engine. Makes everything all better!

- Joesph B Moffett

I must say that it lived up to all the hype. I've used it in several small engines from rototillers and snow blowers to atvs and go karts and it has worked in all of them. Many of them ran very rough and wouldn't idle, or wouldn't start at all, but after adding MIB they all run much better and continue to improve the longer they run. I added some to my truck that would missfire intermittently and after just a couple of days it was running much smoother and the check engine light went out. I'm very impressed with this to say the least.

- Allan

I've used it in a few different situations where either a two-cycle motor was running rough or a four-cycle wouldn't start. Just following the directions was all that was needed. To help the solution do it's job, I always have the battery fully charged in the situations where I have and electric starter. It is worth having a bottle or two of this stuff around if you have a lot of engines that must be stored or not used daily (especially seasonal stuff).

- Jif

If you have gas powered equipment, never be out of this stuff. It’s a miracle in a jar. If you put it in you tanks of gas power equipment and let it sit it will start. If you find a piece of equipment that has stale old gas, a few ounces of this and it will start up.

- Terance LaCroix

I had problems with a snow blower that I used high ethanol gas in not starting. Added some Mechanic In A Bottle to an empty tank and let sit overnight - added gas w/Mechanic In A Bottle the next day & it fired up on the first pull. I love this stuff.

- Murphy@216

For about $20 every fall, one application of this to my snowblower gets and keeps it running through the winter, saving costly trips to the repair shop to clean/rebuild the carb. which I did for several years until figuing out it was always a fuel problem.

- S. Wilde

Forgot to put stabilizer in the gas of my outboard for over winter storage, with predictable results. Put some Mechanic in a bottle into the carb and let it sit for 24 hours. Started right up and ran better than ever. Sea Foam is good, but this stuff raises the bar.

- M.E. Dunn

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