E15 – Coming Soon to a Station Near You

The way for E15 blended fuel has been opened up. The Supreme Court refused to consider the “frivolous” lawsuits that several oil and grocery organizations had filed to stop the sale of E15 gas. What does this mean for the various industries that are affected by this? Is E15 going to be a big seller? Or is it simply another blend of gas that we consumers must now choose from?

As E15 increases in popularity, consumers must be aware of the potential for damage to their fuel systems. The additional ethanol content means more water will be introduced into the fuel system which in turn means more potential damage.

The impact of E15 on the automotive industry will not have too big of a hit as the majority of cars on the road are newer than 2001. However, there are still a lot of older cars out there that will require drivers to be careful when filling up. Power equipment on the other hand can only run 10% as well as the marine industry. Running more than E10 will mean more water in the fuel system which means more damage to the fuel system. This can also mean that warranties on equipment can be voided due to the wrong use of fuel.

One thing that this means is that the big oil companies will now potentially lose an additional 5% of sales due to the increase in ethanol in the gas. However, that loss will be slow in coming as the number of gas stations selling E15 gas is very minimal (less than 24 nation wide). The slow rate is due to cost; a new blend of fuel will require new pumps and that is an expensive change for the filling stations. Unfortunately, we the consumers wind up paying for these costs (and losses) as companies are in business to make money.

To ensure that misfuelings do not happen, always use Ethanol Shield to protect your power equipment’s fuel system. Ethanol Shield will protect against ethanol blended fuel even at the E15 level. The Gasoline Tank Snake will also provide another level of protection by absorbing water out of the ethanol-blended gas. Together, Ethanol Shield and the Gasoline Tank Snake provide the gold standard of fuel protection.