Ethanol and Equipment

Across the country, today’s gasoline is blended with up to 10% ethanol content, with 15% blends on the horizon. What does this mean to you, the dealer, and your commercial landscape professional customers? Preventing ethanol problems and resulting downtime is a must. Ethanol attracts water and separates (phase separation) in fuel to create a corrosive mixture that settles on the bottom of fuel tanks.  Over time, ethanol-blended fuel can corrode metal fuel components and deteriorate plastic and rubber fuel system components. This especially occurs in older power equipment and engines not designed to tolerate ethanol-blended fuels.  In addition, oxygen in ethanol-blended fuels causes gasoline to decay faster, leaving varnish and sludge deposits over time.  These, and other ethanol-blended fuel related issues, may result in engines that will not start or that run poorly and may even ruin engines and other fuel system components. In extreme circumstances an engine running on phase separated fuel may run out of control, posing serious danger to the operator.

By providing Ethanol Shield to your commercial customers, you can ensure that they will not have fuel related problems that are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. This keeps your commercial customers productive and puts disputes about fuel quality to an end.  Equipment that is used occasionally will have the fuel preserved for well up to one year while protecting all of the rubber, metal, and plastic components from the harsh effects of ethanol-blended fuels. Help your customers keep their equipment free of ethanol-related fuel problems.  Now is the right time to reduce downtime, with Ethanol Shield!