Gas Test Wins Power Equipment Trade Dealers Choice Award for 2011

B3C is pleased to announce that our Gas Test Kit is the recipient of the 2011 Power Equipment Trade GIE & EXPO Dealers Choice Award.  The award winning Gasoline Test Kit is the first, complete fuel diagnostic kit that quickly identifies fuel related problems. This revolutionary diagnostic tool includes 7 easy fuel tests and allows the dealer to become the “expert” in fuel related issues while providing a higher service level to their customers. The tests also provide 3rd party verification as to why a warranty should or should not be submitted to the manufacturer, helping resolve conflict while educating customers.

1. Gas Quality Test Swabs – test fuel quality and level of decay of 2 & 4 cycle gasoline that contains ethanol and  determine if the fuel is fresh, stale, or bad.
2. 2 Cycle Oil Indicator Test – indicates the amount of oil present in a 2 cycle gas / oil mixture.
3. Diesel Fuel Quality Test – determines the quality of diesel fuel.
4. 2 and 4 Cycle Gas Test – determines the quality of non ethanol fuel (Highly Sensitive Test).
5. Phase Separation Test – detects phase separated ethanol blended gasoline and provides immediate results to show your customer.
6. Oil Quality Test – illustrates why customers should change their oil more frequently.
7. Bound Water Test – indicates the amount of water present prior to phase separation.

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