Get Ready For Spring

The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer. This must mean that spring is almost here. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting the lawn and garden equipment ready for the first use of the season.

It is recommended that Mechanic In A Bottle be added to the first tank of gas each season. Even if the gas was stabilized. Mechanic In A Bottle will revitalize the gas, rubber, and plastic parts to ensure that the engine will start when needed and clean any gum or varnish that may have accumulated over the winter.

In fact, many people think that there will always be one more use before the lawn mower needs to be put away for the winter. Unfortunately, most of the time, that does not happen. this means that the equipment sits in the garage or shed all winter with last year’s gas. By the time spring rolls around, the gas has gone bad and the fuel system is all gummed up. This means an expensive trip to the service center, right?

Wrong! Mechanic In A Bottle will fix fuel system issues without the need to remove any parts. Simply remove the old gas, pour in Mechanic In A Bottle and work it into the carburetor. Now let it sit for a few hours (or it could even take as little as 15 minutes!) Add fresh gas, and start the engine.

Mechanic In A Bottle will work in all gasoline engines, both 2 and 4 stroke engines. It is safe to use in any application from motorcycles, marine, automotive (even classic cars) and everything in between.

Mechanic In A Bottle can be found at many different retailers and service centers around the country including Walmart, Tractor Supply, and Home Depot in the lawn and garden center. In addition, many lawn and garden service centers also sell Mechanic In A Bottle as well as our other products. To find a local dealer, please follow this link. Mechanic In A Bottle is also a proud sponsor of the John Boy and Billy’s The Big Show morning radio show. The show originates in Charlotte, North Carolina on 99.7 The Fox however, it can be heard nationwide online through IHeartRadio. Please click this link to listen, or go to to learn more.