Graham Tractor gives great reviews on Ethanol Shield

Recently, a news reporter did a report on the dangers of ethanol. We have seen several of these reports so far but the facts given were not always right on the money. However, the most recent news report, hits a home run. The reporter interviewed an owner of some power equipment that had some issues and the service dealer who knew what he was talking about.

The owner of a leaf blower got frustrated because he could not get the unit to start. He brought into Graham Tractor where he was told it was a fuel related issue. Since the unit was still within the warranty period, the owner figured it would be covered. Sorry, but no. Warranty does not cover fuel related failures. Almost all engine manufacturers have a section in the owner’s manual that tell the user to store the unit properly. In addition, the warranty policy makes a point to state that bad gas is not covered under warranty. Gas is not covered under warranty due to too many variations in the quality of gas and how the units are stored. In other words, if the units sits inside a hot shed all summer long, the gas will go bad very quickly.

Unfortunately, the cost of the repair to fix the customer’s leaf blower was almost as much as the customer paid for it. Graham Tractor told the customer to start treating the gas in his equipment with Ethanol Shield to prevent this kind of repair in the future. The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is so true as it only takes 2 ounces of Ethanol Shield to treat 5 gallons of gas to prevent ethanol/gas related failures.

Thank you Graham tractor for telling the story to the reporter and for promoting Ethanol Shield.
Ethanol in Gas Can Kill Your Leaf Blower