Introducing B3C Fuel Solutions 2 in 1, Ultra Synthetic Blend 2-cycle Engine

Everybody who operates 2-cycle equipment like chainsaws and trimmers knows that the gas must be mixed with 2-cycle engine oil. Without the oil, the engine seizes up very quickly. What a lot of people may not know is that the gas we use today has lots of issues with the ethanol blend. To provide the ultimate in 2-cycle oil and the best way to fix ethanol issues, B3C Fuel Solutions is happy to announce the release of our new 2 in 1, Ultra Synthetic Blended 2-cycle engine oil with Ethanol Shield.

For a long time, these blogs have told you to use Ethanol Shield to protect your equipment from the harmful effects of ethanol. That is not going to change however, now you can kill the proverbial 2 birds with one stone. By using the new Ultra Synthetic Blend 2-cycle engine oil, you not only get high quality engine oil but you also get the benefits of Ethanol Shield as well.

By using synthetic blended oil, the oil can be blended to meet the high demands of proper lubrication in today’s 2-cycle equipment. Unfortunately, all of the 2-cycle on the market will not mix with ethanol. This means that if there is 10% ethanol in the gasoline, then 10% of the fuel in the gas tank is unlubricated. That is until today. Now with the 2 in 1, Ultra Synthetic Blend 2-cycle Engine Oil the oil and ethanol will mix together. Other benefits include:

  • Protects & Prevents Repairs; Extends Engine Life
  • Stabilizes Fuel up to 1 Year
  • Protects Against all Ethanol Issues
  • Triple Antioxidants Stops Fuel Decay
  • Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Bonds 2 Cycle Oil to Fuel; Stops Lean Seizures
  • Reduces Lacquer and Varnish Build Up
  • Protection Against Ring Wear and Sticking
  • Conditions Rubber & Plastic
  • Low Smoke Formula
  • Top Tier Detergent
  • Customer Convenience & Savings

For fuel that is completely protected, clean burning, and providesing 100% lubrication, use the new 2 in 1, Ultra Synthetic Blend 2-cycle Engine Oil with Ethanol Shield Fuel Stabilizer. The B3C Fuel Solutions family of fuel additives has become a trusted name in the industry. With the addition of the 2 in 1, Ultra Synthetic Blend 2-cycle Engine Oil, the number of products you can trust is growing. Look for the new 2 in 1, Ultra Synthetic Blend 2-cycle Engine Oil at your local distributor starting in January 2014.