Hash Tag #MechanicinaBottle

When it comes to social media, I am good at Facebook but that is it. This whole Twitter thing really has me at a disadvantage. Not sure if it is an age thing or an “I do not use it” thing. Either way I am going to get B3C Fuel Solutions Twitter account more active. For this Blog, I am going to talk about Mechanic In A Bottle. And I want to use the hashtag #mechanicinabottle as someone has already made a thread using that hashtag.

As most of you know, Mechanic In A Bottle is great at fixing fuel related issues. So much so that Mechanic In A Bottle dominates in the testimonials that we receive and is our biggest seller. More and more people are realizing that ethanol is an issue and Mechanic In A Bottle will fix the fuel related issues.

One might ask why do we continue to use ethanol when it is damaging to most things that it touches. In fact, it cannot be used in a pipeline like crude oil as it will eat away at the pipe. There was a recent email that I read where ethanol is now going to be shipped by rail as it is the fastest way to get ethanol to its destination and do the least amount of harm to the transport vessel. Yet we want to put this in our fuel tanks even in a diluted form!

Ethanol does have its good points. It is a renewable fuel source; it is reducing our need on foreign oil; and it burns clean. These three items do make it worth the trouble. And that is the key point; once one realizes that there is a problem, one can go ahead and use a simple yet effective fix like Mechanic In A Bottle.

The products that B3C Fuel Solutions produces are designed to work with ethanol both to counteract the negative side effects once they have happened and to prevent them from happening in the first place. If you are one that did not store your lawnmower or other gas powered equipment away properly last winter, you are in for an unfortunate surprise. Mechanic In A Bottle is going to be your best friend.

Now comes the hashtag part. We want to hear from you. How has Mechanic In A Bottle worked for you? Please get onto Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #mechanicinabottle and let us know your thoughts. If you do not have a Twitter account, it is easy to set one up. It took me all of 3-4 minutes to set mine up today. Let’s see how many tags we can get.