Oil Lock Spill Absorber




B3C’s Oil Lock* is a super absorbent that instantly absorbs and solidifies oil and other hydrocarbons through molecular capture, creating a non-leaching, low volumetric barrier that immobilizes the hydrocarbon, which is converted into a solid matrix.

Oil Lock immobilizes spills in water or on land by converting liquid petroleum or hydrocarbons (like fuel) into a solid matrix. Once absorbed, Oil Lock will not leach, even under pressure. This solid matrix, and any remaining oil lock material will float indefinitely (until removed). Oil Lock also reduces or eliminates flammable vapors to reduce the risk of fire or explosion. Finally, oil lock is hydrophobic, meaning it will only absorb the hydrocarbon and will not absorb water. Many wastes when treated with B3C’s Oil Lock will pass EPA 9095 (Paint Filter Test) as well as TCLP.



Common applications include spills at marinas, oil rigs, fueling locations, shops, refineries, emergency and spill response, remediation of contamination and more.

  • Cost effective
  • Works instantly
  • Saves labor
  • Hydrophobic and oleophilic
  • Non-toxic
  • Easily skimmed from water surface
  • Permanently buoyant
  • Super absorbent
  • Non-hazardous disposal
  • Easily collected and disposed of by incineration. Heat of Combustion = 19,300 BTU/lbs. Ash < 0.1%

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Weight 30 oz
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What They Say

About B3C's Products

I received information about Ethanol Shield from Yamada Nursery. I used it in my lawn mower and then put it in my car and got very good results. I now recommend your product to all of car collector friends.

~ John W.

I've used Ethanol Shield for several years in my: 1940 car that I rarely start, blue bird day only '72 Honda 500 motorcycle, spring/fall power washer, fall only leaf blower, and when need be chain saw.

...and they all start every time!

- Mike G.

Used this product for almost a year, no issues whatsoever. Believe it’s does what it says it’s supposed to do.

- Shawn Walker

You'll hear when this stuff hits your engine. Makes everything all better!

- Joesph B Moffett

I must say that it lived up to all the hype. I've used it in several small engines from rototillers and snow blowers to atvs and go karts and it has worked in all of them. Many of them ran very rough and wouldn't idle, or wouldn't start at all, but after adding MIB they all run much better and continue to improve the longer they run. I added some to my truck that would missfire intermittently and after just a couple of days it was running much smoother and the check engine light went out. I'm very impressed with this to say the least.

- Allan

I've used it in a few different situations where either a two-cycle motor was running rough or a four-cycle wouldn't start. Just following the directions was all that was needed. To help the solution do it's job, I always have the battery fully charged in the situations where I have and electric starter. It is worth having a bottle or two of this stuff around if you have a lot of engines that must be stored or not used daily (especially seasonal stuff).

- Jif

If you have gas powered equipment, never be out of this stuff. It’s a miracle in a jar. If you put it in you tanks of gas power equipment and let it sit it will start. If you find a piece of equipment that has stale old gas, a few ounces of this and it will start up.

- Terance LaCroix

I had problems with a snow blower that I used high ethanol gas in not starting. Added some Mechanic In A Bottle to an empty tank and let sit overnight - added gas w/Mechanic In A Bottle the next day & it fired up on the first pull. I love this stuff.

- Murphy@216

For about $20 every fall, one application of this to my snowblower gets and keeps it running through the winter, saving costly trips to the repair shop to clean/rebuild the carb. which I did for several years until figuing out it was always a fuel problem.

- S. Wilde

Forgot to put stabilizer in the gas of my outboard for over winter storage, with predictable results. Put some Mechanic in a bottle into the carb and let it sit for 24 hours. Started right up and ran better than ever. Sea Foam is good, but this stuff raises the bar.

- M.E. Dunn

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