Stop Fuel Decay with New Fuel Life Technology

B3C Fuel Solutions, LLC, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly products and solutions for ethanol and bio-fuel related problems, announces new FUEL LIFE Technology. This state-of-the-art technology is designed to keep fuel completely stabilized and water free, and has the power to virtually eliminate the need for liquid fuel additives.

FUEL LIFE is B3C’s unique nanopore reactive molecular sieve. It continuously removes the impurities and neutralizes the free radicals in fuel that promote fuel decay. FUEL LIFE is non-toxic, non-hazardous and nonliquid and does not release anything into the fuel.

“This new technology has the potential to change the fuel additive industry as we know it today by stopping fuel related engine problems before they start,” said Brian Boezi, CEO, B3C Fuel Solutions. “Millions of engines either do not run, or run poorly due to bad fuel, both gas and diesel. When fuel goes bad, it is unusable and has to be disposed of properly. But proper disposal does not always occur,” said Boezi. “These problems are preventable with FUEL LIFE,” said Boezi.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can build FUEL LIFE into new equipment or sealed gas cans (low permeation fuel tanks). At the point of manufacture, FUEL LIFE will stop potential issues with ethanol-blended fuels (fuel decay, gums, varnish, corrosion) resulting in completely stabilized and water free fuel. FUEL LIFE will clean slightly marginal fuel by neutralizing the negative chemical reaction that may have already started.

“Benefits include potential reductions in fuel related warranty issues, increased customer satisfaction, and positive environmental impact,” said Brian O’Neil, B3C Chief Business Development Officer.

B3C’s new technology is helping the company expand. Working with Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation, B3C announced the expansion of its Conway, S.C. based business. This expansion will create 36 jobs at the company’s current facility and include a capital investment of $305,000 over a three-year period. Read the news story.

“B3C’s expansion in Horry County once again demonstrates that South Carolina is where companies can grow and succeed,” said Gov. Nikki Haley.

With this expansion, B3C will continue the producing its current products including, Mechanic In A Bottle and Ethanol Shield, as well as expand its line with the FUEL LIFE technology.

The full press release can be downloaded here.