Time to Winterize Your Power Equipment

When snow is getting forecast, it is time to put away some power equipment and to take others out of storage. For the equipment that was just taken out of storage, what are the chances that it will start with little or no effort? For many, that is a slim chance. Why? Because the equipment was not properly stored away. There are 10 simple steps that everybody can do to ensure that their equipment will start when needed.

Please follow this link to Like Us On Facebook to get our TOP 10 Winterization & Storage Tips for power equipment and a $2.50 discount on Ethanol Shield (4 oz or greater), our fuel stabilizer that eliminates all ethanol issues. You can also get the winterization tips by going to directly to and visiting our Resources link.

Because most equipment use is driven by the amount of rain or snow we get, equipment may sit longer than we intended for it to. If the snow blower or the chainsaw will not start, Mechanic In A Bottle is here to take care of the fuel related issue. If possible, remove and properly dispose of the old, bad gas. Pour in the recommended amount of Mechanic In A Bottle (see the bottle’s label for instructions). Prime into the carburetor by pressing the primer or pulling the rope 8-10 times. Now let it sit overnight. Add fresh gas (and oil if needed) to the unit. Start the unit and let it run for a few minutes. It is now ready to use.

In addition to using Ethanol Shield, B3C Fuel Solutions has developed the new Gas Tank Snake to be used in the storage of equipment. The Gas Tank Snake will absorb both free and bound water from the gasoline while the unit sits in the shed.

B3C Fuel Solution’s products combat ethanol problems in 2 or 4 Cycle Engines. Ethanol Shield, a year round fuel stabilizer, removes water, prevents corrosion, provides easy starting all year, and keeps stored fuel fresh. Mechanic In A Bottle (MIB), a synthetic fuel additive to “fix” poor or non-running engines, removes varnish/carbon deposits/water and revitalizes old fuel. Both products provide lubricants to condition rubber and plastic components and rejuvenate rubber gaskets and seals, including lubricating the upper combustion chamber. Visit for more information on our current and new products!